Republic of Djibouti
Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry
Ministry of Communication, in charge of posts and telecommunications
Ministry delegate in charge of the Digital Economy and Innovation

Djibouti essentials

The container terminal, port of Doraleh (SGTD)

Deprived of natural resources and subject to a demanding environment, Djibouti, under the leadership of President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh, has relied on its unique geostrategic position at the entrance to the Strait of Bab el Mendeb, at the crossroads of the world’s major shipping lanes, to build an innovative and effective development model.

For more than twenty years, Djibouti has been able to build and diversify its port, logistics and service offer, thanks to the construction of ambitious infrastructures and the establishment of a particularly attractive legal and financial framework. The country’s annual GDP now exceeds 3 billion dollars (compared to 0.6 billion in 1999) and the progress made over two decades is impressive.

Open to both the open sea and the continent, the city-state continues this tradition of exchange, passage and dialogue.
Djibouti has thus established itself as an essential hub between Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Since the implementation of the “Vision 2035” plan, the country has experienced accelerated growth, while investing in the social economy, education, water and health.

The strategic objective is now to invest in competitiveness, to increase the country’s investment capacity and to support the development of the private sector. And Djibouti has embarked on a new phase of its emergence strategy, with a particular focus on industry, services (including tourism) and telecoms.

The telecoms sector alone offers tremendous prospects for the future, with the establishment of a true regional interconnection hub and the development of a global digital ecosystem.

Djibouti Telecom is ideally placed and equipped to be the leading player in this tremendous transformation.

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GDP/capital, purchasing power parity
Palais du peuple Djibouti, East Africa (People's Palace statue)
The statue of the nomadic warrior, People's Palace Square, Djibouti City

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